HydroPure Technologies, Inc. was founded by 3 innovative scientists with previous entrepreneurial business successes. They share the same deep passion “assuring our planet’s largest natural resource, water, is safe and pure enough for healthy use for ourselves, our children and all future generations.”  Where water quality is insufficient for safe use, we look to develop innovative and practical systems for transforming lower quality water into the highest quality standards known today.

The more we learn about the aquifers supply in municipal and well-water, the more we grow concerned about maintaining good health for our bodies. 


Do you know that the human body consists of up to 78% water that constantly gets replaced by the water we drink and absorb?  Yes, many diseases are genetically pre-disposed by our parents and ancestors, but most diseases are caused by what we eat, drink, wash and scrub with.


There are thousands of scientists around the world who every day are studying and learning that there are more deleterious water contaminants found in our water sources.  These can be directly attributed to various forms of  cancer, as well as non-cancerous diseases of our organs, blood, muscles, skin and even hair.


Our mission at HydroPure Technologies is to remove or disarm these identifiable harmful contaminants before they enter our bodies. This will provide an increased chance to live our lives to the fullest for as long as possible.


As scientists, we recognize that we, or any other company, do not have all the answers.  Therefore, we welcome your thoughts in pursuing even newer research routes to compliment our existing innovative water quality-enhancing technologies!