General Tips:

  • Always flush the filters prior to use. (If for a pool or spa: Do not let this water get into the pool!)
  • Adjust the red valve to slow the flow if you suspect your water is highly contaminated to allow for greater contact time within the filter.
  • For storage on Blue Housing Filter Style: Remove cartridges from the housing and pour out excess water in housing. Let the filter cartridges air dry before placing them back in the housing for prolonged storage. Keep in a cool, dry place to prevent mold or mildew. DO NOT FREEZE.
  • For suspected algae or mildew build up in housing: rinse the housing thoroughly with water and add a tablespoon of bleach and let it stand for 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Let the housing air dry before storing.
  • You will know the filter is nearing its full capacity when you see a drop in pressure. This drop in pressure indicates that the filter is filling up with contaminants and has little to no room left and is restricting the flow of water.


Verify All Parts:

  • 2 Blue Filter Housings
  • 2 Black O-Rings (located inside Blue Housing Body)
  • 1 Five Micron Pleated Filter (for Pool Auto-fills) or 1 Sediment/Bacteria Filter (for RV and drinking water applications)
  • 1 White sealing washer (located on top of Media Cartridge)
  • 1 Valve Connector
  • 1 Gray Housing Connector (for Dual Systems)
  • 1 White Outlet/Hose Connector


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install the red valve connector into the port marked “IN” of the METALTRAP FILTER HOUSING. NOTE: Even if permanent installation is desired, it is still highly recommended to initially connect the METALTRAP HOUSING to a garden hose for pre-flushing the cartridges without introducing the water into the pool. For permanent installation, install the desired ¾” MPT fitting into the port marked “IN” on the METALTRAP FILTER HOUSING (preferably after all pre-flushing is complete in step 4).
  2. Before placing MT media cartridge in housing, ensure white sealing washer is located on top of the cartridge.
  3. Place the MT media cartridge inside the filter housing marked METALTRAP. Verify black O-ring is in place inside the housing. Screw the housing lid onto the housing body by turning the housing clockwise. Connect the inlet hose to the red valve connector and flush the cartridge for a minimum of 3-5 minutes to remove any media fines, shutting the red valve off and on several times, until the water runs clear. ALWAYS FLUSH THE CARTRIDGES BEFORE USE! KEEP THIS WATER OUT OF THE POOL OR RV!
  4. Remove and discard packaging from the Sediment/Bacteria or 5 micron pleated filter (sometimes shipped inside the 2nd housing). Verify black O-ring is in place inside the housing. Do not reconnect black housing lid until step 7.
  5. Connect the 2nd black housing lid to MT housing using the grey connector located on the MT housing Port marked “OUT”. Ensure the white outlet hose connector is securely attached to the 2nd housing lid on the port marked “OUT”.
  6. With the 5 micron pleated or White Sediment/Bacteria filter in place inside housing screw the blue 2nd housing body onto the 2nd housing lid by turning housing clockwise.
  7. For hose connection, attach the outlet hose to the white hose connector located on the 2nd housing port marked “OUT”. For permanent installation, attach ¾” MPT fitting to the 2nd housing port marked “OUT”. Tighten all connection areas to assure water tightness. Hand tighten only!
  8. You will know when it is time to replace a cartridge when the water flow rate begins to decrease or you experience a drop in pressure.