For a Metal-Free Pool and Spa

METALTRAP™ Stain Remover is an all-natural, metal removing formula that chemically pulls iron, copper and manganese stains off pool and spa surfaces such as fiberglass, vinyl liners, plaster finishes, plastic returns, main drains, and also from tile grouts. Unlike other stain treatments on the market today, the METALTRAP STAIN REVERSAL KIT includes the revolutionary, patent-pending POOL REFRESH product, specifically designed to remove the metals permanently from your water so staining is likely to re-occur.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Test your stain.

Step 2:  METALTRAP STAIN REMOVER removes stains, pulling the metals off the finish and back into the water. Basically, this step converts the metals from their solid form back into their dissolved liquid form.

Step 3: POOL REFRESH safely reacts with the newly dissolved metals to increase their particle size large enough to be removed by your standard filter.

Step 4: When rebalancing water chemistry, add LIQUID METALTRAP™ to deactivate any lingering metals or new metals introduced into the pool water to prevent future staining.

Step 5: Use METALTRAP™ quick-connect hose filters every time you add new water to your pool or spa so no new metals are introduced to your clean, stain-free pool.




Metal stains can be many colors: green, black, red, brown, gray, purple and many variations of each.  Can the stain be brushed off?   If yes, then the area may be organic debris or algae.  Have you tried Chlorine?  If yes and stain persists, it’s likely to be metallic in origin (Iron if light brown, Copper if bluish green, Silver if dark gray, Manganese if dark brown or purple).


No expensive Stain ID Kit is needed. Simply do our “lemon test” to be sure it’s metals before proceeding with a stain reversal treatment.


Lemon Test:

  1. Cut a lemon in half.
  2. Rub the lemon on a small section of the stain.
  3. For stubborn stains, squeeze the lemon gently and leave the lemon on the stain for 2-3 minutes.
  4. If the stain lightens or lifts in any way, you know it’s metals and our METALTRAP STAIN REMOVER will remove the stain effectively.



For best results, clean your filter and adjust your water chemistry as follows: Chlorine Level (0-0.5 ppm), pH (7.0-7.2), total alkalinity (50-90) and phosphates (below 100 ppb). The pool water should be clear, residue and algae free. If stains are especially heavy on a plaster surface, lower the pH to 6.8 before applying. It is always preferred to bypass all chlorinators and heaters before adding chemicals, if possible. NOTE FOR CUSTOMERS WITH COPPER HEAT EXCHANGERS: If no bypass is available, be careful not to allow your pH levels to drop below 7.0.



Turn your filter system off. Add 1 lb. of METALTRAP™ Stain Remover for every 10,000 gallons of water. Walk around the pool perimeter, sprinkling this powder evenly to distribute throughout. Apply more heavily over darker stained areas. Do not add any new chlorine to the water until the complete Stain Reversal Process has been completed. Leave the filter off for 1 hour.


Turn the filter system back on, leaving the chlorinator and heaters off and bypassed. Let the filter run continuously for 24-48 hours, or until the stain is completely gone. During this time, brush the entire surface of the pool and spa at least twice per day to help remove the stain. NOTE: A combination brush (part stainless steel and part nylon) is recommended on plaster pools, and a nylon only brush is recommended for fiberglass and vinyl liners. After stains are removed, vacuum to waste any residue, if needed. You may also use a filter aid in sand and cartridge filters to remove heavy residue.



To remove the newly dissolved metals from the water, follow immediately with POOL REFRESH A & B. POOL REFRESH acts similarly to a “floc” agent to safely react with these dissolved metals, cloud the pool, and enlarge the particles so they can be trapped in the filter and removed permanently. You should see the metals brought out of suspension and cloud the pool within 24 hrs.  After the pool is cloudy, add DE filter-aid powder through your skimmer to increase the efficiency of your current filter system. Immediately turn the filters back on and start filtering the metals out continually.  Keep a close eye on your filter pressure at all times and backwash as needed, adding new DE filter-aid each time. The time needed for this final cleanout process will vary from pool to pool depending on the size of the pool, the levels of metal and staining present in the water, and the efficiency of your circulation and filtration systems.  Typically, this process will take 2-5 days. (Please see the POOL REFRESH label for complete details)



Once stains are completely removed, thoroughly clean the filter to remove any trapped metals.  Before reintroducing chlorine, add 1 quart of LIQUID METALTRAP™ for every 10,000 gallons of water.  LIQUID METALTRAP™ is designed to safely bond with dissolved metals in your water, deactivate their staining potential, and keep those metals safely in suspension in your pool. (Please see the LIQUID METALTRAP™ label for complete details.)


Gradually bring total chlorine levels to 1.0 ppm over a 3-5 day period. WARNING: Shocking a pool is never recommended immediately after a metal stain treatment as it increases the risk of re-staining. (If algae appears at any time during this process, use a Poly-60 algaecide as a chlorine shock alternative.) Gradually bring pH levels up to 7.2. Open bypass. Turn equipment back on. Continue balancing your water chemistry as needed.



Always use a METALTRAP™ Pre-Filter to remove metals from source water every time you add new water to your pool or spa. Continue with maintenance levels of LIQUID METALTRAP™ according to its directions to protect against future staining.


Thanks again for purchasing our products. Welcome to the METALTRAP™ family!!