TOTALTRAP POOL REFRESH is a two-part formula that lowers your TDS and permanently removes metals, phosphates and other undesirable dissolved solids from your pool water without draining and refilling. It acts similarly to a “floc” agent to safely react with theses contaminants and enlarge their particle size so they can be trapped in the filter or vacuumed to waste.  With TOTALTRAP POOL REFRESH, you can remove iron, copper, manganese, phosphates, bacteria, viruses, tannins, oils, scum, and more without affecting free chlorine levels!


TOTALTRAP  POOL REFRESH is the perfect “step two” for any metal stain treatment. It ends the vicious stain cycle by removing the dissolved metals responsible for causing the stains to keep coming back. Stain removers by themselves are very limited in what they can do. They are designed to dissolve away metal stains. They act as a magnet to pull the metals off your finish and bring them back into the water, where they came from to begin with. These metals, however, will stay in your water and stains can return unless you do something to remove them from your water permanently. That’s where POOL REFRESH™ comes in.


Many products on the market suggest that they remove metals from the water, but consider this. Even the best pool filters and filter-aid products on the market today can only filter down to 3-5 microns in size. Metals are much smaller than that. Many are sub-micron and are not visible with the naked eye. That means if you can’t see them floating in your pool, then your filter, even with filter-aid can’t get them either.  The dissolved metals will simply pass through your filter, and continue lurking in your water, waiting for their opportunity to re-stain.


Always put product claims to the test. If a product is claiming to remove metals from your water, then you should be able to see the results in your filter itself. POOL REFRESH™ is a very unique product on the market. It is designed to react with the dissolved metals floating in your water and increase their particle size to 3-5 microns in size. You will literally see the results for yourself! Your water will turn cloudy within 24 hours, and you will know it’s working.


At that point, if you use a filter-aid product to increase the efficiency of your filter, the real removal can begin. Run your filter non-stop, checking regularly for an increase in pressure. Your filter will be removing more dissolved contaminants than ever, and you’ll need to rinse it off and/or backwash as needed. Depending on the level of metals and contamination in your water, you will need to run your filter from 2-5 days to remove all the undesired particles. Once the process is done, you will have the crystal clear, more easily maintained water you’ve been waiting for!!