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We get the calls all the time. Homeowners so frustrated with all the time and money they’ve wasted doing stain treatment after stain treatment after stain treatment. The big question is “Why do these stains keep coming back?” The answer really is simple. Because the metals are still there!

You see, typical stain removers act by simply dissolving those stains away. The metals were stuck to the walls, the return jets, the stairs, in the pipe and circulation lines.  The stain remover just acts like a magnet to dissolve those metal stains and bring those metals right back into the water where it came from in the first place. During most stain treatments, the chlorine and pH levels are always low, but as soon as you re-introduce the chlorine again and start rebalancing your pool water, that pH level starts to naturally creep right back up again and the chlorine oxidizes the dissolved metals, turning them back from a liquid to a solid form again. The discolored water and stains reappear right before your eyes!

That’s why you can’t just treat the STAIN! You’ve got to treat the METALS!!  Stain removers are just the first step. They get the stain dissolved, but then you’ve got to get those metals OUT of the water for good!! That’s the tricky part where most other stain removers fail. To remove those metals permanently, you need a step 2–our TOTALTRAP POOL REFRESH!!

Pool Refresh safely reacts with those newly dissolved metals and increases their particle size so they can be filtered out by your standard pool filter!  It’s really amazing! Get those metals out FOR GOOD and then keep them out by never adding NEW metals to your pool using our quick connect hose pre-filter called the METALTRAP!!  That’s your recipe for success!!

And as a quick tip:  we always recommend on our product labels to do a quick bucket test to test for metals before adding chlorine when you’ve done a new stain treatment or you’re about to add more water, especially from a well! This bucket test allows you to see for yourself IN ADVANCE what may happen in your pool so you can have the confidence you need to move forward when you’re dealing with these problematic metals. When I talk to customers in tech support, I always say, “It’s better to stain a bucket than your whole pool!”


June 2024


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