• Removes Phosphates and Metals in One Treatment
  • Drops Out Contaminants for Easy Removal
  • Perfect for Start-Ups and Stain Treatments
  • Safe and Effective on fiberglass, concrete, vinyl liner, and pebble tec finishes
  • Designed for both fresh and saltwater pools
  • Treats 15,000 gallons
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Totaltrap Pool Refresh is a two-part formula that permanently removes metals, phosphates and other undesirable dissolved solids from your pool water. It acts similarly to a floc agent to safely react with these contaminants and enlarge their particle size so they can be trapped in the filter or vacuumed to waste. With TOTALTRAP Pool Refresh, you can remove iron, copper, manganese, scale, phosphates, TDS, bacteria, viruses, tannins, oils, scum, and more without affecting free chlorine levels! Pool Refresh is the perfect -Step two- for any metal stain treatment. It ends the vicious stain cycle by removing the dissolved metals responsible for causing the stains to come back. Pool Refresh also allows you to lower TDS and refresh your pool water without draining and refilling.


For Product Label and Complete Directions: TotalTrap_PoolRefresh_B

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