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  • Removes Sediment, Dirt, Pollen, Bacteria & Viruses down to 1 Micron, & much, MUCH MORE!
  • Replacement Cartridge for MetalTrap Ultra Dual Filter Systems
  • Available in 3 sizes: Estimated US Gallons (6,000/14,000/22,000 capacity)

Learn More about our amazing SEDIMENT BACTERIA FILTER!

Learn More about our amazing METALTRAP ULTRA Technology!


  • Replacement for Metal Trap Ultra Dual Filter System 6, 14, and 22
  • The Sediment/Bacteria Filter Cartridge is the second cartridge inline in the Metaltrap Ultra Dual System


Available in 3 sizes: Estimated 6,000/14,000/22,000 US gallon capacity


The Hydropure Sediment/Bacteria Filter is a unique polymer spun-wound cartridge filter that removes water contaminants that are 1 micron or larger in size. Unlike media filters, the Sediment/Bacteria Filter acts as a physical barrier, trapping a large variety of contaminants in its many layers. This includes rust, sand, allergens, human hair, and other harmful pollutants prevalent today.


Our Sediment/Bacteria Filter technology is unique in that it has multiple layers of filtration. Each layer of our spun-wound fibers can provide a different degree of filtration. While the outside layers start removing contaminants at 30 microns, the inner-most layers can remove even the finest particles as small as 1 micron. That’s 1/10th the size of every day pollen! The Hydropure design allows you to get the most out of your filter. It prevents premature clogging, which means you’ll be replacing our Sediment Filter less often.


Occasionally, you may encounter areas where the water is filled with large sediment particles, like dirt or debris. These larger particles would clog typical filters, causing you to just throw them away. With the Hydropure Sediment/Bacteria Filter’s unique layers, you can simply rinse it off and re-use it again and again.


List of Contaminants Removed by the Sediment/Bacteria Filter
Oxidized Iron & Copper*DustUn-dissolved Minerals
…and much, much MORE!


*CAUTION: This filter does not remove dissolved metals. For high metal levels, use the METALTRAP™ or METALTRAP ULTRA™ Filters.

Additional information
MetalTrap Ultra Dual System Cartridge #2

up to 6,000 gallons ($14.99), up to 14,000 gallons ($26.99), up to 22,000 gallons ($39.99)

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    Great deal

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    Excellent Customer Service

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  3. Deborah (verified owner)

    Along with the complete metal trap system best out there!

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  4. Deborah (verified owner)

    Best filtration system

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  5. DAVID GRAY (verified owner)

    Best sediment filter. Second to none.

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