Metaltrap Ultra Dual System Replacement Cartridge
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METALTRAP ULTRA, Replacement Cartridge



A BETTER filter for BETTER water.

Gets what other filters leave behind.

Taste, smell, and see the DIFFERENCE!

  • Replacement Cartridge for METALTRAP Ultra Dual Filter Systems
  • Upgrade Existing Systems by Just Changing to This Cartridge
  • Fits Most Standard Existing Housings (2.5″ x 10″, 4.5″ x 10″ & 4.5″ x 20″)
  • Removes Rust, Sulfur, Chlorine, Pollen, Bacteria & Viruses down to 1 Micron, and much MUCH MORE!
  • Designed for Both City & Well Water
  • Faster Flow (an astounding 5-8 gallons per minute!!)
  • 6000+ Gallon Capacity!! (More than 5x the average filter!)
  • Available in 3 sizes: Estimated 6,000/14,000/22,000 US gallon capacity


Learn More about our amazing METALTRAP ULTRA Technology!


SKU: MTU-RC Category:
  • Replacement Cartridge for the METALTRAP Ultra Dual Filter Systems
  • Goes first in line in the METALTRAP Ultra Dual System
  • Upgrades existing systems


Available in 3 sizes:  Estimated 6,000/14,000/22,000 US gallon capacity


METALTRAP ULTRA™ is the ultimate in water filtration. This system was specifically designed to handle the toughest water sources, even those found in problem wells. Water is different everywhere you go, and the variety of contaminants you will find while you’re out on the road is unlimited. That’s why you need a filter designed for both city and well water sources. Don’t settle for less than the best. Most filters on the market today are ineffective at significantly reducing the tough contaminants like metals and Hydrogen Sulfide. That’s why you need the METALTRAP ULTRA™.


The METALTRAP ULTRA™ combines both of Hydropure Technologies’ exclusive, patented technologies (METALTRAP™ and PURESTART™) in a single cartridge. You can remove tough metals found in wells like iron, copper, and manganese that can cause staining and discoloration, while at the same time remove chlorine, pesticides, and fertilizers commonly found in city water sources.


List of Contaminants Removed by METALTRAP ULTRA
Iron (Fe)Bad TasteCarbofuran
Copper (Cu)OdorsCarbon Tetrachloride
Manganese (Mn)DiscolorationLindane
Chromium (Cr)Residual PharmaceuticalsAtrazine
Zinc (Zn)PesticidesChlordane
Nickel (Ni)FertilizersEndrin
Lead (Pb)TanninsToxaphene
Silver (Ag)Humic & Fulvic AcidSimizene
Mercury (Hg)ChloraminesMTBE
Uranium (u)NitratesAlachlor
Barium (Ba)Tetrachloroethane2, 4-D
Iodine (I)Trichlorethane2, 4, 5-TP (Silvex)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)TrichloromethaneToluene
Ammonia (NH3)BenzeneMethoxychlor
Chlorine (Cl)Bromine (Br)
Additional Information
METALTRAP ULTRA Replacement Cartridge #1

up to 6,000 gallons ($79.99), up to 14,000 gallons ($139.99), up to 22,000 gallons ($219.99)