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Why just TREAT METALS when you can TRAP THEM!!

Real solutions for bad water!

  • Prevents Stains – Provides Clear Water
  • Removes Metals Like Iron & Copper from Fill Water
  • Effective on Both City & Well Water
  • Quick Hose Connect
  • Disposable & Easy to Use
  • Available in 3 sizes: Estimated 10,000/25,000/50,000 US gallon capacity*
  • Also Available in a Pre-Filter System Design

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METALTRAP™ Pool and Spa Pre Filter



  • METALTRAP Pool and Spa Pre Filter
  • Valve Connector


Available in 3 sizes: Estimated 10,000/25,000/50,000 US gallon capacity*

(*based on 1ppm iron content)


METALTRAP™ is a unique water filter designed to filter out stain-causing metals found in water. Unfiltered water can damage finishes and equipment and cause discoloration and odors.


METALTRAP™ is a combination of filtration media materials that work together to give you superior metal removal. This synergistic media technology doesn’t just treat water—it chemically reacts with the metals and then physically traps them, removing them permanently from the water!


With METALTRAP™, you can remove even the toughest metals and contaminants found in the worst well water. Our patent-pending technology is specifically designed to remove copper, iron, and other problematic metals from your water supply. It is also very effective on removing hydrogen sulfide, responsible for the rotten egg smell. No matter what your project is or where your water is coming from, METALTRAP™ will work hard to get you the best results.


Regular carbon filters are NOT enough! The METALTRAP™ filters at a submicron level, trapping metals the other filters can’t.


List of Contaminants Removed by METALTRAPTM
Bad TasteHydrogen Sulfide (H2S)Mercury (Hg)
Sulfur OdorsChromium (Cr)Uranium (u)
DiscolorationZinc (Zn)Barium (Ba)
Iron (Fe)Nickel (Ni)Arsenic (As)
Copper (Cu)Lead (Pb)Ammonia (NH3)
Manganese (Mn)Silver (Ag) 


For Product Label and Complete Directions: MT-10 Label


MetalTrap is a patent-pending filter that is growing in popularity and capturing the attention of experienced pool-owners and pool maintenance technicians across the United States.


Pool owners are realizing they can save time and money by investing in the MetalTrap, which will put an end to their dependency on metal eliminators that only react to a metal problem. MetalTrap’s goal is to eliminate the metal problem before it touches your pool.


MetalTrap is a pool pre-filter designed specifically to remove metals in your water source. Unlike any other product on the market today, the MetalTrap filter will selectively filter out stain-causing metals found in water through a unique blend of media technology.


Most pool products only tackle metal problems by eliminating metals after they’ve already been added to your pool. This allows metals to hide in your pool’s plaster and pipes, almost guaranteeing a reintroduction of metals in the near future. MetalTrap skips over the nonsense and eliminates metals directly at their source.

Chart describes advantages to the MetalTrap pool pre filter.




While staining is the most obvious consequence of metal in water, there are more serious reasons to eliminate heavy metals such as Iron and Copper that are commonly found in city and well water.

If consumed, these metals have the potential to cause serious health consequences such as acute and chronic toxicity, liver, kidney, and intestinal damage, anemia, and cancer.

Although most of us are not actively consuming our pool water, heavy metals in pool water threaten the health safety of their users via oral and dermal exposure.



Most pool owners only become aware of their metal problem when they begin to notice staining on their pool surfaces. Once those ugly brown and green spots appear, pool owners snap into action and begin their hunt for metal eliminators and chemicals that will cause the stains to disappear and improve their overall pool aesthetic.

However, what many pool owners fail to realize is that metals can hide in and around our pool plaster, fiberglass, and even go as far as hiding in our pipes and jets, undetected. The moment we stop using these fancy chemicals to eliminate our metals, it’s only a matter of time before they reappear.




Metal eliminators in the form of tablets or powders, are only a temporary solution to a permanent and recurring problem. If you are simply filling your pool directly from the garden hose, absent of a pre filter, this will enable stains to reappear in those unpleasant, brown and green spots.

Although it doesn’t prevent staining at the source, these metal stain eliminators aren’t all bad. Sometimes stains on your pool walls and floor are inevitable due to external factors unrelated to your well or city water. There are several factors that can cause stains in your pool that are out of your control. That’s when these metal eliminators are the most reasonable course of action if you need an immediate fix to visible staining on your pool’s surface.

It’s important to understand, these products ‘dance’ around the problem and do not prevent metals from entering your water. Pool owners develop a dependency on these products because they do not solve the metal problems and only keep them at bay, thus creating the need to repurchase these products similar to how you would purchase a subscription.

When looking at the various methods of removing metal from your pool water, a swimming pool filter is the superior option in price and effectiveness.



When you visit your local pool store or simply search “pool pre filter” on Google, you will find many sediment pre-filters on the market.

These pre-filters are great at removing dirt and mineral deposits, but fail to remove metal content, thereby rendering them ineffective at reducing pool-owners’ most expensive and grueling problem, metal staining.



A pool pre-filter is the only tool you can use to prevent the staining at the very source. Every other method to eliminating metals is simply a reaction to a preexisting problem within your pool water. Using a not just any pre filtration device– but MetalTrap, is the most cost-effective option that will you save you time.

Additional information
Metaltrap Hose Filter Sizes:

up to 10,000 gallons ($169.99), up to 25,000 gallons ($209.99), up to 50,000 gallons ($329.99)

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