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Removes metals like iron and copper from fill water for up to 10,000/25,000/50,000 gallons.

METALTRAP™ is a unique, patent-pending, water filtration technology designed to selectively filter out stain-causing metals found in water. Unfiltered water can damage finishes and equipment and cause discoloration and odors.  METALTRAP™ is a combination of filtration media materials that work together to give you superior metal removal. This synergistic media technology doesn’t just treat water—it chemically reacts with the metals and then physically traps them, removing them permanently from the water!

With METALTRAP™, you can remove even the toughest metals and contaminants found in the worst well water. Our patent-pending technology is specifically designed to remove copper, iron, and other problematic metals from your water supply. It is also very effective on removing hydrogen sulfide, responsible for the rotten egg smell. No matter what your project is or where your water is coming from, METALTRAP™ will work hard to get you the best results.

Regular carbon filters are NOT enough! The METALTRAP™ filters at a submicron level, trapping metals the other filters can’t.

List of Contaminants Removed by METALTRAPTM
Bad TasteHydrogen Sulfide (H2S)Mercury (Hg)
Sulfur OdorsChromium (Cr)Uranium (u)
DiscolorationZinc (Zn)Barium (Ba)
Iron (Fe)Nickel (Ni)Arsenic (As)
Copper (Cu)Lead (Pb)Ammonia (NH3)
Manganese (Mn)Silver (Ag)

For Product Label and Complete Directions, click here: MT-10 Label

Additional information

Metaltrap Hose Filter Sizes:

up to 10,000 gallons ($99.99), up to 25,000 gallons ($149.99), up to 50,000 gallons ($209.99)

3 reviews for METALTRAP FILTERS (available in 3 sizes)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emailed 10/5/12

    I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I got the 25000 gal metal trap. We had a new liner put in our in gound pool and we used the metal trap to fill it. The water is crystal clear. It is so pretty clear to the bottom. When I had the water tested we only had to adjust the ph and add chlorine to have it ready to use. The water in our city is so bad rusty , previously when we filled it looked like root beer. It took several weeks of running the filter,, backwashing, adding chemicals (metal out etc ) to have it useable.

    We also used this to fill our hot tub. We had changed the water before I got the metal trap and it was a slimy greenish color. We emptied it out again ,cleaned it and used the metal trap to fill it. it too is crystal clear. wonderful to get in . Thanks

    This product is amazing. the pool company that put the liner in was amazed at the clear water. I am sure he will recommend the product . He said so many customers have so many problems trying to clean up the water when filling a pool or hottub. I had previously used a “bobby’ by hayward but that really did little to clean up the water.

    The cost is also reasonable. The 25000 gallon filled our 24000 gallon pool and our 500 gallon hot tub with crystal clear water

    Bev Blaschko
    Burnsville, MN

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emailed 8/7/12

    It works great!!
    Rick Haro, Haro Pools, Culver City, CA

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emailed 5/15/12

    Thank you so very much for your kindness and helpfulness today. Since we have well water, we have come to rely on your filter to protect our pool! I am currently adding water in preparation for opening the pool and, frankly, am uneasy to fill a drop without having my Metal Trap filter! Just re-ordered our second MT-25 and we look forward to receiving the new filter soon as we need it really bad!

    Steve Burton
    Kirklin, Indiana

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