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5 micron Pleated cartridge

Replacement cartridge for the Metaltrap Auto-Fill Dual System

Great Pre-filter for the RV Dual Filter system if your area is loaded with sediment!

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3 sizes available:  Size 6 (2.5″ x 10″), Size 14 (4.5″ x 10″), Size 22 (4.5″ x 20″)

Approximate capacity 6,000/14,000/22,000 gallon capacity

For the Auto-Fill:  The 5-Micron Pleated Replacement Cartridge is the second filter cartridge in the Metaltrap Auto-fill Dual Filtration System. Now you can protect your pool & spa from the unsightly brown, green, and gray stains caused by metals like iron and copper. The patent-pending METALTRAP Pre-Filter for pools and spas traps the metals before they reach your pool and is safe and effective, even on the toughest waters found in problem wells. METALTRAP is a combination of filtration media materials that work together to give you superior metal removal. This synergistic media technology doesn’t just treat water, it chemically reacts with the metals and then physically traps them, removing them permanently from the water! With METALTRAP, you can remove even the toughest metals and contaminants found in the worst well water. Our patent-pending technology is specifically designed to remove copper, iron, and other problematic metals from your water supply. It is also very effective on removing hydrogen sulfide, responsible for the rotten egg smell. No matter what your project is or where your water is coming from, METALTRAP will work hard to get you the best results. Regular carbon filters are NOT enough! The METALTRAP filters at a submicron level, trapping metals the other filters can’t. At Hydropure Technologies, our goal is to provide you with the best tools on the market to help you achieve an absolutely 100% metal free pool and spa. We have developed a complete filter and chemical line specifically dedicated to stain prevention, metal treatment and metal removal.

As a Sediment Pre-Filter: This single system is the perfect add-on for the Metaltrap Ultra Dual Filter System for RV’s and homes, especially if your water source is loaded with sediment or particles.  Simply connect this pre-filter first inline in front of your Metaltrap Ultra Dual System to protect your Ultra cartridge from clogging prematurely. Sediment in the line can reduce pressure, slow the flow down and even clog your more expensive media cartridges. Using our pre-filter prior to the Ultra cartridge extends the life and reduces your chance of clogging it with unnecessary sediments. Our pleated cartridge is long-lasting and can be rinsed off for use again and again! (Keep in mind, with creativity, you can mix and match sizes of pre-filters that suits your needs. For example, you can get a Size 6 pre-filter even though you have a Dual System 22. You would just need to use flexible hose to connect to adjust for the heights, or adjust the height manually for a permanent mounted position.)

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5 Micron Pleated Replacement Cartridges

up to 6,000 gallons ($24.99), up to 14,000 gallons ($31.99), up to 22,000 gallons ($44.99)


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