33.9 oz.

  • Deactivates Metals to Prevent Staining
  • Extra Strength Formula
  • Effective Over a Broad pH Range
  • Phosphate Free
  • For use in Fresh and Saltwater Pools
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Available in 3 sizes: 1 quart/1 gallon/5 gallon

Maintenance: 4 oz. per 10,000 gallons weekly during pool season and bi-weekly in off season.


LIQUID METALTRAP is a unique, phosphate-free formula specifically designed to deactivate harmful metals like iron, copper, and manganese to help prevent staining of pool and spa surfaces. LIQUID METALTRAP is effective against metals found in both municipal and well water sources and is effective at the various pH levels found in virtually all pools. Unlike other sequestering and chelating agents on the market today, LIQUID METALTRAP does not lose strength at pH levels of 8.0 or higher and is ideally suited for use with all brands of salt chlorine generators. This powerful chelating agent deactivates metals on contact without negatively affecting water chemistry. LIQUID METALTRAP is compatible with all types of sanitizers and all pool and spa surfaces, including fiberglass, vinyl liners, concrete, stainless steel, and PVC.


For Product Label and Complete Directions: Liquid Metaltrap label

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1 quart ($27.99), 1 gallon ($79.99), 5 gallon ($349.99)


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