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The first step would be to double-check the proper alignment of the cartridges within the filter housings. It is very important that the METALTRAP cartridge be aligned properly within the housing so the water flows directly through the center hole on the top of the cartridge. If it is not properly aligned, water can bypass the filter.

The next step would be to slow down your water flow by adjusting the valve on the inlet. Some water sources have higher levels of contaminants than others, and it is very important to allow for proper contact time within the filter to accommodate for these higher levels. TIP: The worse the water is, the slower the flow should be.

Lastly, it could be time to replace your filter. When odor and discoloration in the water returns, that is often a sign that you have reached the capacity of your filter cartridge.

2 replies on “I’m using a METALTRAP Filter, but I still have an odor, discoloration, and/or contaminants coming through. WHY?”

Kris Fitzankosays:

How are you suppose to use the Micron filter? We were told to attach the filter directly to the hose while filling the hot tub. The water just goes through – not filtering the water. Is the yellow end plug suppose to stay in the filter to make the water go through the shell?

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