Ask The Expert

The first step is to determine whether the flow is being restricted by the filter itself or by some other cause in the water line.  Temporarily disconnect the water filter system and check the flow again.  The next step is to double-check the installation of the filter. Verify there are no leaks and that all hose connections are properly connected on the in/out as indicated on the tops of the black housing lids. Remove all cartridges from the housings and check the flow again.  The last step is to check the cartridges themselves.  If you have a dual system, you’ll need to check each of the cartridges separately. Simply remove one of the cartridges, and check the flow. Then repeat with the other cartridge.  If it is determined that a new cartridge seems to have a restricted flow, it is possible that sediment or silt in the line or the water source has clogged the cartridge prematurely. Simply backwash this cartridge for 3-5 minutes by reversing the flow of water to help rinse out any sediment buildup.


April 2024