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For many pool owners, the greatest contributor to Iron deposits in their pool water comes directly from their garden hose. It’s the Iron and Copper that reside in your city or well water. That’s why a Garden Hose Iron Filter for pool water can be your solution.

Instead of addressing this issue once the iron staining has already occurred, you can solve the problem at its source. 



Which is the best garden hose filter for my Iron problem?


The MetalTrap removes Iron and other common metals found in city and well water before they enter your pool. MetalTrap comes in a range of sizes (10,000/ 25,000/ 50,000 gallons) and each size is based on 1PPM of metal content found in your water source. 


List of Contaminants Removed by METALTRAPTM

Bad TasteHydrogen Sulfide (H2S)Mercury (Hg)
Sulfur OdorsChromium (Cr)Uranium (u)
DiscolorationZinc (Zn)Barium (Ba)
Iron (Fe)Nickel (Ni)Arsenic (As)
Copper (Cu)Lead (Pb)Ammonia (NH3)
Manganese (Mn)Silver (Ag) 



How does MetalTrap work?

To use the MetalTrap filter, you simply attach the valve connector to your filter in the direction of the red arrow. Once you have the valve securely connected to the filter, you will attach the swivel side to your garden hose.


Always preflush your filter before filling your pool to release any excess media. Once the water turns clear during pre-flush (should take 30 seconds to 1 minute), your filter is ready to begin use.


MetalTrap was designed to be extremely user-friendly. Instructions are provided on the filter and are easy to refer back to on any occasion. 

How does the MetalTrap aid in iron removal?


MetalTrap contains a unique blend of patent-pending filtration media that traps common metals found in water. The capacity of each filter is based on metal content of 1PPM. However, the MetalTrap can handle metal content higher than 1PPM if used correctly. 


Adjust the ball valve based on the metal content in your water source. The higher the metal content, the slower the flow rate should be to increase contact time with the filter. 

Why do I need a garden hose iron filter for my pool?


When you have a high concentration of metals like Iron and Copper, they can cause massive staining to your pool. Metals are oxidized in your pool when they react with chlorine, PH level and other pool sanitizers. This oxidization of metals causes discoloration in your pool water and hard to remove stains on your pool’s surfaces. 


Removing metals isn’t cheap – consider the fact that the average American spends $180 per month on pool maintenance during seasons the pool is in use. That’s approximately $900 for pool maintenance just during pool season alone.


How are metals making their way into my pool?


Aside from your water source, there are other ways metals can make it into your pool:


  • Metals that have previously entered your pool’s plaster and/or metals that hide in your pool filtration system
  • Organic material that enters the pool (leaves, dirt, insects, animals)
  • Sanitizers and algaecides that are added to your pool
    • Some commonly used pool algaecides actually contain Silver, a stain-causing metal
  • Broken equipment, toys, and furniture surrounding your pool area


Although these factors can all cause varying degrees of staining on your pool’s surface, your water source continues to be the leading cause of staining in pool water.


Investing in the MetalTrap filter is a great long-term investment strategy that will save you time and money on pool maintenance. 



June 2024


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